My Projects

As working as professional i learn a lot from Internet various sources the following is my contribution to give it back.

Ci-Snippets2 is  same snippets created for Netbeans which now available for Visual studio code. following link to get details
BootIgniter is basicly CodeIgniter Framework with Bootstrap styling functionality. i always prefer to start web project with Codeigniter and in this Modern era where people browse web using Mobiles, Tablet & TV so in static Styling its very hard to cover those styling from scratch where bootstrap is very easy solution for handling web styling and about CodeIgniter its Core easy to use framework which makes PHP web developer complete hard coding in simple manner. So whenever we need to start new Web Project from Scratch its time consuming to integrate both frameworks for better development for simplest solution BootIgniter Basic Template can be Fork from my gitlab Repository ( or download and start using from my Release folder ( and start using.

My Personal Choice of Interest using IDE is netbeans and working with codeigniter there are some repetitive instructions that we need to type to perform actions. so the following is Keybinding Template which help me to use CodeIgniter repetitive codes can be type using short key instruction.
More Info can be found on my GitLab hosted Repository (  or download and start using from my Release folder ( and start using.

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