Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Some Cisco Command for vlan

The following is short notes configuring vlan in cisco as cheetsheet.

* To view vlan following command

#sh vlan or #sh vlan brief

* To delete vlan

(config)# no vlan (number) Eg. (config)# no vlan 8 
(Note The following command can be delete some of the Router/Switch configuration which is impact network stability)

* To delete interface vlan

(config)# no interface vlan (number) Eg. (config)# no interface vlan 8
(Note The following command can be delete some of the router configuration which is impact network stability or Router/Switch connectivity)

* Creating interface vlan

(config)# interface vlan (number) Eg. (config)# interface vlan 8
The following command creates new interface which we can assign IP for communicate or routing network.

* Assign IP using following IP

(config-if)# ip address (Address) (subnet mask) Eg ip address
In vlan interface the following command is assign subnetted ip address to that particular interface.

* Assign Helper Address

(config-if)# ip helper-address (address) (subnet mask) Eg. ip helper-address
In vlan interface the following command help to set helper address

* Assigning Portfast command.

(config-if)# spanning-tree portfast
In vlan or Port interface the following command help to assign portfast command.

* Assign Name to VLAN

As default Vlan in network devices always as number so to refer the vlan is related to its better to assign name for example if you created vlan 3 and want to use for voice communication user following command.

(config)# vlan (number)  Eg. (config)# vlan 3
(config-vlan)# name name Eg. (config-vlan)# name Voice

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Customize Netbeans IDE for CodeIgniter

I always prefer to use Netbeans IDE for coding if i says it right the primary program for web designing also yes some times back i tried to use Atom text editor for web development yes it is one of the best editor and with plugin it can extend next level as we can thing but because i grow with netbeans even for netbeans some of autocomplete suggestions with inbuilt project its very hard to autocomplete in atoms if you not open the particular CSS file or i can say PHP code.

So i decided to go back on netbeans for PHP web development and i prefer to use CodeIgniter because its simple and good documented framework what i love to do code with it, its my personal choice if i want to use Framework instead of CMS.

In this blogpost i am going to cover how i customise Netbeans to work with CodeIgniter and with CI Commands Integrated and autocomplete functions.

So let start....

First of all you need to activate PHP module in netbeans. if you not installed Complete package of netbeans IDE bundle to just goto Tools>Plugins

in Available plugin modules

Search and Install PHP  module also activate from Installed Panel.

Now to work with Code Igniter we need to add Framework which can available on following repository nb-ci-plugin (https://github.com/nbphpcouncil/nb-ci-plugin/releases) Just download the suitable Plugin from for me its 8.2 so i downloaded

after downloading nbm file from GitHub repo just import it into netbeans by going to Preference > Import and selecting that nbm file.

The work is not finished we can import skeleton of CodeIgnitor Base Framework so whenever we create new project we can just choose the CI framework and it will create rest for us to perform this option you need to download the CI framework zip file from (https://codeigniter.com) click on download option.

after download goto preference > PHP > Frameworks & tools > CodeIgniter > Base Files Click on add zip select the zip file which you downloaded from CodeIgnitor site and give names in my case i use CI 2.x in some of my old project and future extendibility training to use CI 4 Alpha release test so i downloaded and load 3 zip as following image.

Kindly Note its better to start with stable version project as alpha and other version is not stable in production environments.

Now whenever you want to work with new project using CodeIgniter framework Just click on File > new Project

 Click on Next > Set name of Project and Location of Files

Click next Select Running configurations for example we can use Installed PHP only environment with netbeans or as my previous Youtube video tutorial installed XAMPP or WAMP services Click on Next Select PHP Frameworks which you like to integrate with your project as following stable Release Selected.

Click Finish.
The following will help us to create CodeIngniter Framework Integration with netbeans.

After Complete setup you can use your CI with new Project also for your Old Projects you can Right Click on project goto properties .

the following options will help us to perform autocomplete CI task but it would be cool if we can use keybinding for ci commands which i am going to cover in my next blogpost so stay tuned.....

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