Saturday, 29 December 2012

Note Taking

Latest Update on My New Post Simplenotes

As a basic user we use notepad to write the note and save in our computer then again for any new note we create new text file or open existing text file and update the same.
 It's ok to us, but imagine if we save our notes in multiple text files so how we search require data in to them and if we are not on that system where we save the notes or the system is crash so.....
 Think if we can take our study notes, work notes, imp to remember notes and access it any where and any system connected we want why only text format notes only when we can take screen-shot or record audio also. Easy to search what we require and available when we want and its not limited only for system wen you can access the same notes on your mobile real-time or vice-versa. Yes am taking about note note taking application, same as other software's there is also multiple note taking application available some is free for basic usage and some in free but bundled in suite that we need to purchase.

Evernote (My current choice)
One Note (I used on Windows)
Tomboy Note (Try it But..)

One note is good note taking software its free if you buy MS-Office Suite, i used in my office environment for 6 Months, but when i decide to try it on my android mobile (Don't tell windows mobile because its really limited mobile but that's different debate) what I found that the sync time and data update is really takes a lot time on 3G service india, not only that but also the note taking on mobile is very slow, so always I take pen and paper to write those note as the one note app is take time to open and not works with Linux as app but we can use on browser but still not great if you use Linux. 

Tomboy note is free, very light and simple note taking application for linux I love with when I started to you the sync function is work on ubuntu one cloud so we can work on both platform Eg. Linux and windows using Ubuntu One Cloud, and I also manage to configure it on my mobile but it's read-only format on my mobile so the tomboy application is not worth for me.

Evernote is most popular notes taking application, available in free as well as paid support also works great with my office windows system with short cut keys to create notes & Mobile open sync in second data store in external card, web interface is same as application it self but it's not available for linux.... no wait when I move my primary OS as Linux my only issue is about note taking application to resolve this issue I found two software which work with evernote and give me ability to sync my notes on linux platform also.

  • Never Note: its an clone of never note created by opensource community current version is in beta testing stage so we can support, we can download and install deb package on ubuntu from. 

  • Everpad: The current software which i use in Linux, support tag, netbooks & with my +Ubuntu  appindicator and unitylens supportated. Installation is simple using PPA 

Code: Terminal 
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nvbn-rm/ppa
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install everpad 

 for other +Linux  distro How To Install also report any issue or bug on Report Page.

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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Image Editior

As a third part of this discussion Move on from Windows to Linux & Office Alternative i will try to cover the basic usage of image editing software.

 Every one from basic computer users to advance system users some time they are required to edit the image, to upload in there social networking site or retouch to look better in there personal collection. yes i am not talking about professional graphic designers who user image editing software for professional use.
 So the discussion is going on same basis that are we really need to pay for software's  but yes if we have some to donate it would be good the choice should be ours for personal use not any proprietary software vendors decide how much we pay as personal use only some time we use the software and should pay as per there license basis.
 So as professional use i found that most of people use photo-shop as basic image editing and coral draw as graphic vector software's no doubt those software are good for professional use as the business, we earn so there is no issue to spend some for the license. but for personal use when i moved on Linux the proprietary software's are not available because of Linux open source nature. so for alternative i found that GIMP image editing and InkScape for graphic vector.

 Gimp ( is an image manipulation program that under the GPL license. bind in most of Linux distro. Gimp toolbox has all the basic items you need to work with images. It has painting tools like brush, pencil, airbrush etc. It supports custom brushes and patterns. For various needs there are various plug-ins available. Supports all the files as Photo-shop do. Gimp user manual can be downloaded from the gimp website here ( Same as like Photo-shop gimp has effects and layers. Playing with gradients and patterns will require minimum system requirements and advanced user experiences. Using gimp you can retouch digital photo. Gimp is a superb free image manipulation program for basic and as well as advance users.

 InkScape ( is an graphic vector with similar as coral draw but free open source. it's capable to create page layout, screen and logos up to mark for any kind of drawing task. bundled with standard tools for vector job. on Wiki ( we can get manual and basic tutorial. 

The following software GIMP | InkScape is also can install on your current Operating system (Windows or Mac) its better for us to get hand on before moving on Linux.

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Office alternative

Move on from Windows to Linux (Part 2)
Read Part 1

So when i leave windows first issue i notice is the most popular software of Microsoft's family MICROSOFT OFFICE (basic word, excel & power-point  every windows operating system is have must have this package but it is not a part of OS we need to purchase other copy of MS-Office to use this.

anish blog, windows alternative, linux

As people opinion no other office software package compare with MS-Office. And it will not work on Linux  So let's think it ones again ..
after moving on linux i found that they bind another office package "Libre Office" its good office package and MS-office alternative for linux of course we have choice to select other free and open office package for linux but i stick with Libra office.
My friend told me that its really difficult to operate libre office than ms-office but when i start using it after few months i found libre office is very handy to me. Also there are some office premises which i know they are also use Libra in windows. And in practical world most of people use the office application for only basic formatting and data entry so its no issue or reason to stick with MS-office just need to give some time to learn those application as same as we done for MS-Office.
Wait not finish yet..... 

anish blog, windows alternative, linux

have you tried google docs try its the online office where we share, collaboration & create micro on browser free of cost, so think again should we still require the MS-Office.
The opinion about MS-office is good for past but today how we interact with system its prove that we already not require to stick with paid Office Application Package.

In next part we will continue the the basic software alternative.
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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Move on from Windows to Linux

After 3 years to learn Linux on virtual PC, finally shifted from the paid Operating System (Windows) to Free and Open Operating system (Linux) as my primary system OS.

First i clearly say that i like windows os from windows 95 to windows 8 all version is great, but the draw back is only whenever new version is come in market we need to spend money to buy (Eg. i have purchase windows 7 OS last year for my system, and this year windows 8 the coolest live tiles base OS is available in market not only that but also heard rumors that Microsoft is lunching code name windows blue next year) so as experience computer user (learning how to operate the PC from past 10 years) and for pocket health i think it's time to move on,

So to shifting from one perfectly handy and easy to Operating system to other same powerful and alternate competitor is not as easy as like buy a new system and after transferring all data start using it, there are multiple software comparability and hands on using issues we need to face i know people will say why should i shift if i am happy with current OS, this article is for people who want to explorer the computer world or love to learn and new things, like to control all by self without effecting THERE POCKET, so "i will say why not".

I know this article is going long so basically i will try to make it in parts. And also not going in deep for installation and configuration part because its easily available on supporting community and Forums which we discuss later this article is only for knowledge base to fine that is possible to us to switch our home or personal system from Windows to Linux So lets start.....

Q. First what is Linux ?
Most people who read this article till this point they are know answer better than what i am explaining here so just skip this question and others
Ans. Linux is a kernel and unix-like, include GUI and other free and opensource component make it complete operating system more info on

So that's in short explanation here.

Q. Is Linux will work on my current system or if i am an beginner so where i install the Linux to learn ?
Ans. Because of open source nature Linux is compatible most of hardware so if you have you old P3 system with minimum Ram still you can install and experience it, and for beginners they can install Linux side by side on there current OS or it's better to install as Virtual System so it will not effect any of your current system data & configuration. you can also use live CD to try it.

Q. Where we can Buy/Get/Download the Linux OS.
Ans. How we buy free things but if possible donate some money. And the where you get almost all Linux distributions sites details with current popular ranking list. For this post i am using my favorite biggest community and support resource available Linux OS "UBUNTU".

You can download latest Ubuntu desktop OS from there site;.

For any query and questions related Ubuntu can be ask or check previously answered solution on, support forum to stay up-to date for your systems related any news.

Q. Dose my all windows application is run on Ubuntu ?
Ans. The answer is NO but wait as alternative to your current OS same is applicable to software also. As i said because the open source nature of linux most of paid application companies not want to lose there market share so they are not ready to launch there code on open source base Linux but i really want to appreciate all the developers and programmers who supports the open source project and because of them in today's modern and cyber world
We can easily find free and Linux compatible alternative software we require to give time and effort to learn it again as we did for paid software's.

Q. How to install Linux Ubuntu ?
Ans. installation is easy as we install other software on system i am not going in deep those information can be found for Ubuntu site.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Torrent Client Bypass in Firewall

Yes i got this idea when one of my friend wants to know how to use torrent client in office where they have blocked torrent using firewall. as i am aware that he is able to use freegate proxy application to access some restricted site in his office, so using freegate and portable torrent client (See pic 1.1) with some setting we can bypass firewall and use torrent.

(Pic 1.1)
  • First run Freegate application.
  • Select any Server from List. (See Pic 1.2)
(Pic 1.2)
  • Now in status of freegate application you can see the proxy that we need to configure in torrent client. (See Pic 1.3)
(Pic 1.3)
  • By default it's same to use any freegate application ""
  • Now open Torrent client i am using Utorrent portable version.
  • In torrent client goto option then preference (press "Ctrl+P" key). (See Pic 1.4)
(Pic 1.4)
  • In preference option goto connection.
  • In proxy server option select Type: HTTP
  • Type in Proxy :
  • Type in port : 8580
  • Click on Apply then OK. (See Pic 1.5)
(Pic 1.5)
  • Don't close freegate program. you will able to use torrent bypassing Firewall.
Do and Don't
  1. if you getting "proxy connect error..." so check proxy setting in client as shown in Pic 1.5
  2. If you getting "connection timed out" or Slow error change server as shown in Pic 1.2 best to use lowest Ms. value server.
  3. Note using proxy is blocked in your environment the following method will not work, But their is always alternative available use VPN or  Seedbox services.
The Following Information is for education purpose only i am not take any responsible how you can use this information.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Invert Screen Colour

 The reason of this topic is started because as i am heavily reader, I read E-books (PDF, EPub) a lot "Save Paper Save Tree", And on windows 7 OS its really simple to invert screen colour as video shows below.

So i Can read continues without maximum effects on eyes.
 Once i visit my cousin's home he using Windows XP with 19" wide screen when i try to read a pdf book more than an hrs my eyes gets heavy because of the brightness of the pdf files background and i tried to change colour setting, the colour invert option is not that simple. so as a lazy person first i try to find simple solution on web and after spent an hour on googling i found the best way to invert screen colour on XP OS using AutoHotKey (In This post we sort this AHK) software and a script created by  Thanks Buddy.

Those who Read A Lot on Computer this option is good for them.

  • See below Image 1.1 as normal pdf looks on default screen.

Invert Screen Colour

IMG 1.1

2 Invert Screen Colour
IMG 1.2

  • Paste Code in Notepad and save the File on desktop as "Invert.ahk" (AHK default ext. name) as see Below Image 1.3.

IMG 1.3

  • Now Download AHK Application from Website "" Download Portable version best to move any other PC's or carry it on pendrive. as see Image 1.4 below.

IMG 1.4

  • Extract it on desktop folder see Image 1.5 below.

IMG 1.5

  • Now Double click on "Invert.ahk" file that we saved on desktop, It will prompt you to select proper application as see Image 1.6 below.

IMG 1.6

  • Select AutoHotKey.exe file from the folder we extracted on Desktop as see Image 1.7 below.

IMG 1.7

  • After Clicking on Open you will see that your screen colour is change as negative.
  • Now we open the previous opened pdf on inverted coloured screen as see Image 1.8 below.

IMG 1.8
  • Now Read without tension of high brightness.
  • And to change in normal screen colour just press "F9" Hotkey, the application still runs in background you can see on system tray icon while its running you can toggle between normal and invert coloured screen by pressing "F9" key and for close application just press "Esc" key.
I show both option to invert screen colour in windows XP and Windows 7 Operating System. to try those and Happy reading.

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