Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Office 365 Exchange Email attachment Limit

As corporate, IT environment most of the companies using Microsoft office product and now when Microsoft also know monthly renewal base services are more profitable business so they have pushed more and more towards office 365 instead of 2019 where the prices hike of office 2019 makes company and users find office 365 service is better.

yes, no doubt for a corporate environment where office 365 and outlook collaboration is important to exchange online mail service from Microsoft is a good option. but the problem star when people are sending mail large size attachments overall example any correction again the same mail trial gets new file so size of mail is getting increased yes there is option as Office 365 subscription Skydrive comes with 1TB size and we can upload files and just share mail link any changes on SkyDrive file no need to reference again (Cloud service article i already covered the sharing part).

Now as for Office 365 exchange admin we will see how we can decrease default 35MB attachment limit to more relevant example 5MB.

1. Login to office 365 portal as Administrator ( in lift side select Exchange.

2. In Dashboard Select Recipients.

3. In Mailboxes select 3 dots and click on Default message size limit it will open a new popup box where the default is 35480 KB.

4. Now we can specify mail size limit as per new requirements I change to 5MB out and 6MB in for safer size.

5. Click OK and it's Done.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Webmin installation on Ubuntu

The following video i demonstrated how we can install webmin on ubuntu server.

webmin is webconsole package which helps linux administrators easily manage linux servers using webconsole where system admin can easily manage system backups, create web servers manage multiple websites manage database scedule backup create, edit or delete users manage dns ldap server services using webmin console.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Ci-Snippets2 for Visual Studio Code

 My First Snippets Extension for CodeIgniter PHP Framework now available to download from Visual Studio Marketplace
as an opensource project any one can contribute on Github repo
"" .

Change : Updated new version 1.0.0 with some Bug fixes and added table in for refrance.

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