Monday, 6 August 2018

Webmin installation on Ubuntu

The following video i demonstrated how we can install webmin on ubuntu server.

webmin is webconsole package which helps linux administrators easily manage linux servers using webconsole where system admin can easily manage system backups, create web servers manage multiple websites manage database scedule backup create, edit or delete users manage dns ldap server services using webmin console.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Ci-Snippets2 for Visual Studio Code

 My First Snippets Extension for CodeIgniter PHP Framework now available to download from Visual Studio Marketplace
as an opensource project any one can contribute on Github repo
"" .

Change : Updated new version 1.0.0 with some Bug fixes and added table in for refrance.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

My Vim Setup

Vim is most powerful text editor when i am working on Linux distro i just like to use VIM as default text editing work. That's why its included in my Must have application in Ubuntu list. but slowly slowly for work related environment i started using Windows and then come notepad plus plus yes notepad++ is also great text editor but i am missing some great features and easy productivity text editing which i develop for me when i am using vim on Linux dirtro.

Now when my personal environment i started using MacOS and again start using Vim as great text editor services in my Mac. then now for my Personal (MacOS), Work(Windows) and Development (Linux) environments Vim is Best text editor i found to use.

The following are my Twick and setting in Vim to get most out of Vim to get my work done productive, fast and efficient way.

Vim in Linux : By default vi is inbuilt in unix like OS for vim and for enviorment you can download using package manager example for
Ubuntu like distro : sudo apt-get install vim vim-common -y
Fedora like distro : sudo yum install vim-enhanced

Mac Download Package:
Mac HomeBrew : brew install macvim

Windows download exe from :

Customization Vim :For me or every vim user like to customize vim as per there requirement.

vimrc file : to find or open vimrc file any environmental just type following.
Find Location: in Normal Mode ":echo $MYVIMRC" it will output the file path.
Open vimrc :  in Normal Model ":e $MYVIMRC" makesure vim run on higher rights to allow changes.

Settings as attached simple with some font changes, number and line space

This will active post as i am going to update my vimrc as per my requirements and customization needs.

my updated vimrc file can be view from gist ""

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